Brand development and website

  • 22 Apr 2016
  • Prickly Thistle Scotland

A brand is more than a logo. It is every emotion that a consumer feels when shopping in a store, interacting with an employee, making a purchase, and using a product. This brand experience is crucial to intrigue new customers, keep customers, and hope they preach about how wonderful your service and products are.

Tide were commissioned by Prickly Thistle Scotland to develop their brand and design a new website to help them take strides in the luxury marketplace. They felt that their brand as it stood was slightly confusing. We adapted their logo by subduing their brand colours, we created a new strap-line and set of guidelines that purposely aimed them at the premium customer.

As with any brand in the luxury sector creating that feeling of uniqueness, of genuine quality is so important when delivering a product or service.